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No time to code? Cannot code? No problem. The demand for cross-platform applications for web, mobile, TV box, and game consoles is increasing and it’s easy to fall behind with limited computer knowledge. With ObiMobile, all you need are your simple computer skills: Idea, Create, Share and Connect with Your Mobile Market.

Designed for:
Content Owners and Publishers
Bloggers and News Makers
Students and Teachers
Template Designers
Web Masters
Mobile Developers
Innovators & Entrepreneurs
Downtown Organizations
Chamber of Commerce
City Government

Thanks to ObiMobile, we now have the most comprehensive Downtown mobile app in the country. The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and other internet-capable mobile devices.

- Rachael Snedecor, Director of Downtown Livermore Inc.

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Cross-Platform App

Step 1: Click (Select an ObiMobile Template)

You can select a template that works for you. Each template contains best practices with mobile pages and features designed to meet your specific business needs.

Step 2: Type (Design and Configure)

ObiMobile provides you with a WYSIWYG editor for creating your mobile pages. The ObiMobile editor comes with unique mobile widgets such as menu bars, tabs, property pages, Facebook integration, GPS, video slideshow, photo slideshow, event management, and electronic coupons.

ObiMobile lets you preview your mobile pages as you create them. You can preview your app in an iPhone, Android, iPad, Android 6” and 10” tablet, and other internet capable mobile devices.

You can open ObiMobile editor on a Chrome and Firefox browser on a Windows, iOS, or Linux operating system. This allows you to create mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch without developing on a MAC.

Step 3: Share (Publish to Cross-Platform)

Each application you create can be made available for download to the Android Market, Apple Store, and other mobile app stores.

Once published, you can share it with your customers, and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You build your own ad pages and post them on your website and share with your partners.

Instant Content Update

You will have the ability to instantly change your mobile app content and widgets. Other solutions provide publishing of mobile apps to App stores only. This process takes weeks and requires your mobile end-users to update their mobile app version.

ObiMobile provides a better solution by updating your mobile app instantly without requiring your mobile end-users to making any version updates.

Multi-User Content Update


ObiMobile provides multi-level user access. This allows your partners, colleagues, vendors, and customers to manage their own pages, events, and coupons on your mobile applications.


Your Market, Your Language

Because there are 5.5 billion cell phone subscribers, your app will need to reach people of all cultures and languages. ObiMobile allows you to create your mobile pages in any language and format that will meet your target market needs.

Multi-platform Support

You will have the ability to preview your mobile app and mobile site in on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android 6" Tablet, Android 10" Tablet, Windows Mobile phone, Blackberry phone, and even on desktop browsers.

ObiMobile allows you to publish your mobile app to the Android Market and Apple Store.

No Coding Required

Are you an Innovator, the Business group, the Webmaster, a Student, or IT professional that does not have time to code in Objective-C, Android, Java, Blackerry, or HTML5? With ObiMobile WYSIWYG editor, you can create cross-platform and cross-carrier mobile apps and web apps in minutes. Unlike other hybrid tools, ObiMobile has a rich and robust editor that actually lets you build real apps with no coding.

You don't need to be a programmer to create awesome mobile apps.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein