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ObiMobile Downtown solution opens mobile market opportunities for Downtown/Main Street organizations and their members/partners.

Download ObiMobile Downtown Datasheet.pdf

As of June 2011, there are more people surfing the internet and using mobile apps on their phones than on their desktops. This presents a new challenge as well as an opportunity for Downtown/Main Street organizations to reach out to their members/partners' customers in a more efficient and lower-cost approach. Among the opportunities include new markets such as Generation X and Y consumers that will be looking for mobile apps that match their needs.

In line with these opportunities, ObiMobile provides unique mobile capabilities designed to promote members/partners' businesses.

Mobile Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing medium. It is a low-cost green solution on a proven collaborative marketing channel. It helps Downtown/Main Street organizations promote additional value proposition for members/partners (as well as non-members). It also helps the organization add revenue through mobile marketing and promotions such as ad/sponsorship space.

To help Downtown organizations create their own custom Mobile App that meets their needs, ObiMobile provides an easy to use tool as part of a total Downtown solution. Among the key features include:

Thanks to ObiMobile, we now have the most comprehensive Downtown mobile app in the country. The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and other internet-capable mobile devices.

- Rachael Snedecor,
  Director of Downtown Livermore Inc.