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Are you an Innovator, Content Owner/Provider, Developer starting out in Mobile Apps, Webmaster, UI designer, Business user, Blogger, or just someone who needs to reach their target audience through mobile devices? Did you just want to focus on the design and functionality of a Mobile App or WebApp but don’t know how to code in Objective-C, Android, Java, or even HTML5? ObiMobile is your solution.

Download ObiMobile Basic Datasheet.pdf

ObiMobile is a very simple easy to use tool that requires almost no technical expertise for creating, publishing, and maintaining your Mobile Apps and Web Apps.

ObiMobile is a web-based tool that lets you develop your App on Windows, iOS, and even on Linux. You just need a Google Chrome browser and off you go.

How to be an #App Millionaire

As an app creator, you don’t need financial backers, venture capitalists or even a publisher. Apple’s App Store and Android’s Market offer you the way to sell. The handsets in people’s pockets provide the demand. All you have to do is provide the idea.
Source: Rob Waugh, June, 2011, MailOnline

To help you create your WebApp or Mobile App, ObiMobile provides the following key features:
  • Your App, your Intellectual Property. ObiMobile does not take any rev-share nor licenses on your app. You develop it and it's yours. We'll even provide you the ZIP and APK file if you to publish it as a Mobile App.
  • Robust webapp features that should let you create a lot of applications.
  • Your WebApp can be immediately run on multiple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android phones, Android Tablets, Nook Color, Nook Table, Windows Mobile, HP TouchPad, and even the Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Ability to create iPhone, iPad, iTouch apps on a PC. No need for a Apple Mac if you do not have one.
  • and many more...

“As a college student who does not know how to code in any programming language, I was surprised how easy it was to create my own Mobile App. All it took was some creative thinking on my part and the web-based tools from ObiMobile. If I can do it, everyone with a great idea for an App can do it."

- Miles C.
 College Student